End of the Road For Livestock Thieves As Villagers Finds Them Red-handed Forcing Them to Call Police

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Two suspects are currently in police custody at Tiwi police station, Kwale County after they were nabbed for stealing and slaughtering of their neighbour's cow.In a bizarre incident that took place on Thursday, Mr Nassir Hamisi Mwakazidi a resident of Kitsonga village, Kwale County woke up in the morning to find one of his cows missing from their shed.[Photo Courtesy]

He then mobilized other villagers who then helped him to search for the cow.They followed a trail that led them to one of their neighbour's homestead. The owner of the homestead fled from the homestead upon seeing the villagers approaching.

In the homestead, they found a man identified as Hamisi Kambi Ndegwa who was trying to hide his presence.The villagers then decided to call police officers from Tiwi police station who arrived and conducted a search in the premises whereby they found an animal carcass stashed inside sacks.

The carcass was established by Mr Mwakazidi to be from his cow. The suspect have been taken into police custody awaiting arraignment over theft of stock. National Police Service has encouraged members of the public to report any suspicious incidents in their midst.

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