Actresses also lure directors for movie roles- Veteran director makes big claim


Veteran Ghanaian movie actor and director, Kwaku Twumasi, has revealed that actresses also lure movie directors with sex for roles.

Speaking on Akoma FM’s Kwantenpon Drive, the scriptwriter rejected the popular notion that it was only movie directors that demand sex from actresses in exchange for prominent roles.

He told host Tony Best that it used to be the case in the past that movie directors were the ones demanding sex in order to cast artists, particularly women.

Although he denied ever engaging in such an act, he noted that the practice is widespread in the movie industry.

“But that is not always the case," he explained. "A lot of the time, the women will use you the director or producer as a means to achieve their aim of becoming stars."

According to him, desperate actresses always take advantage of vulnerable movie directors for juicy roles.

He also cited instances where movie directors are harrassed by actresses for their preferred movie roles.