10 Types Of Girls Who Are More Likely To Get Disrespected In Relationships

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Most girls have pondered why they are constantly disrespected by some guys, despite the fact that they invest their hearts and souls into their relationships.

They appear to be oblivious to what causes their Boyfriends to treat them with contempt. The truth is that you may not have done anything wrong as a girl. But there's something in yourself that you haven't figured out yet, which explains the contempt.

Today, I'll outline the ten sorts of women who are most likely to be treated badly by their male partners. If you fall into one of these groups, you'll need to make some changes.

My sweetheart, this isn't about love. Your man can love you with all his heart and still treat you with style, even if you aren't aware of it.....

My list is as follows.....

1. Opportunity seeker.

You are more likely to be insulted if you are the type of lady who does not want to suffer with a man. Some girls simply wish to be where they are already made. They don't want to help their guys in any way. You'll only see them when things are going well.

2. The Gold Diggers

This type of girl only dates wealthy men. You are not the one for them if you are not wealthy or drive an expensive car. If you're a gold digger, you'll be treated with contempt because the rich person knows you're just there because of his wealth. Even if he falls in love with you later on, he will not regard you as significant. He will make certain decisions without consulting you because you have little importance in his opinion.

3.Transport Fare Ladies

This type does not always have the money to travel to see their boyfriends. They always request transportation money whenever they are invited by their buddies. Your guy will regard you with contempt since you have demonstrated to him that you are a liability. If you don't have the funds to see him, there are alternative ways to inform him that you won't be able to see him, rather than telling him that he must first send you Tfare before you can pay him a visit......you are indirectly selling yourself.

4. Recharge Card Ladies

You've just known a guy for a few weeks and you're already requesting recharge cards?

......come on, who does it?

......He would absolutely insult you because you did not act with class.....the instant you asked for the recharge card, you indirectly signaled to him that you are a very cheap girl......calm down and let him do things with his thoughts.

Gang Leader No. 5

This is a popular one among hungry girls. You met a guy someplace and exchanged contact information. When he asked you out on a date, the first thing that came to mind was to invite your gang members? Of course, he would treat you with contempt because you have demonstrated that you are not mature enough...... He invited you on a date by yourself so that the two of you could get to know one other better, not for a dinner party, sister......

6, Jobless Women

Nobody wants to be associated with a burden, as I previously stated in one of my articles. Respect is earned rather than given. Get busy with yourself if you don't want to be disrespected as a girl. There is no such thing as a little job or business. Start something and watch him admire your perseverance. If you are fortunate enough to meet a very generous man, he will invest in your business and help you grow it into a huge success.......do anything, and I assure you that he will never insult you again.

7, Dreamless Women

Most ladies have often wondered how some women manage to date and even marry celebrities. My sweetheart, it's called "dream." Life has a way of bringing individuals together who share similar convictions and missions. One thing that sets you out from the throng is your dream. Today, everyone respects Tacha and Mercy because they had dreams and were able to realize those dreams. Find your dreams and chase them if you want to be respected, then watch men crawl at your feet.

Addiction is #8.

You wouldn't believe how many young women are addicted to one or more types of drugs. Nobody respects a drug addict......some weak guys would exploit the fact that you are hooked to one drug or another against you the instant they found out. That is not respect. He will use it as a bait to obtain anything he wants from you at any time. Stay away from any sort of addiction if you want a man to appreciate you.

9, Values.

What are you bringing into the relationship? It's not just about having a huge rear.

.....it's not all about the money......what is your contribution to a man's life that will help him achieve great success? What are your thoughts? You should be able to provide some useful thoughts to anything your boyfriend does for you in order for him to show you the respect you deserve. ......God instilled morals in everyone. You must search within yourself for that brilliant idea that will propel your man to success. Give him something to respect that isn't always about the other room.

ten, filthiness

Next to Godliness is cleanliness. Some gals are anything but clean. You don't appreciate yourself by taking care of yourself, and you expect others to value you? That is not something I believe is possible. Only the packaging transforms "kpekere" into plantain chips. Even if you don't have a lot of clothes to deal with, keep the ones you do have neat......get a cheap cologne and try to smell great for a while. No one wants to be seen with unclean chicks, believe me......

So, I'm hoping I'll be able to provide you with some facts to pursue?


If you fall into any of the above categories, I believe you should begin working on yourself to gain the respect you deserve. This content is free to Like, Comment, and Share......one love.

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