Good News To The Slum Dweller's As The Government Does This


The government has come up with a strategy for providing clean and safe electricity to residents of Nairobi slums. Assistant county commissioner Michael Aswani said that the aim of this is to end illegal power connections in the slum and prevent death caused by electrocution .He also said that the government aims at saving millions of shillings lost in fraud perpetuated by cartels and brokers colluding with Kenya

Kenya power has suffered significant losses because there has been a rise in the number of faulty transformers,cases of explosions, vandalism and lack of payments for connections in slums.

Last year ,the company removed transformers from mukuru kwa njenga,lungalunga and Sinai paradise.

The residents have been advised to follow proper procedure when getting electricity supply to their homes,there will be a series of meetings between residents and Kenya power officials ,the meeting's will be launched this week at the county offices at Hazina slum


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