Popular Fuji Musician, Saheed Osupa, Reacts To His Portrait Drawn By An Artist

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Popular Fuji musician, Saheed Osupa, has reacted to his portrait drawn by the Instagram artist, Osinowo Taiwo, also known as Taiye Oniyakuya. Osupa, who took to his Instagram page on Saturday, said he is surprised with what the artist drew. He opined that he needs to know who taught Taye how to draw. Osupa, who called on his fans to come to his aid, disclosed that he is already on the lookout for him. He said, "who taught you how to draw, please?"

His fans have however reacted to the post. They opined that the portrait is comical. Some fans said they were surprised by what the artist drew, they urged the musician to sue him. They begged Osupa to forgive him and give him another chance. Saheed Osupa is a popular Fuji musician. He has waxed many albums and produced many. Osinowo Taiwo is popular for his drawings on Instagram. He has drawn prominent personalities.

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