I Dare Any MP in the Ghanaian Parliament to Vote against the LGBTQI Bill - Sam George MP


The Ningo – prampram MP, the honourable Sam George have vowed that he and six other MP in the Ghanaian parliament will sponsor a private bill to criminalize LGBTQI activities in Ghana.

You will recall that of late the issue of LGBTQI have been going on the in the Ghanaian media space for some time now.

The first one was the opening of the LGBTQI office in Accra. The office was hailed as a freedom and human right centre for the LGBTQI movement, with European Union commissioner to Ghana tweeting the news on social media, to show her support for the movement.

However, there have been a mix reaction from Ghanaians about the activities of the LGBTQI. With some prominent Ghanaians seriously criticizing the President for not coming out quickly to denounce the group.

The President there came out to denounce it in an address, at a Presbyterian church in Ashanti Mampong. The President stated it three (3) conservative times that the activities of the group is not going to be entertained under his watch. With this assurance from the President Ghanaians were happy to note that the President is not supporting the group’s activities. Especially happy were the Christian community, the Moslem Community and the Traditional community all of whom believe that LGBTQI activities cannot be encouraged in Ghana, as this is going to lead to chaos and moral decadence our the youth.

The latest twist to this is the statement by the Hon. Sam George, lending his voice to the debate and promising Ghanaians that a private bill will be sponsored by six (6) MP’s to criminalize the activities of LGBTQI in Ghana.

When asked “ what if he does not get the necessary support he needs to carry out his intentions”. Hon. Sam George replied “I dare any MP in the Ghanaian parliament to support LGBTQI and vote against the bill and he will understand the wrath of Ghanaians.

According to him, our traditional authorities are in full support and any attempt to derail it will be met fully with the necessary force and ostracizing that it deserves.

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