Celebrities hot tea: Celebrities who have undergone surgery and photoshopped their pictures!

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Most young and beautiful people are under the pressure of looking good just like their favorite celebrities.Little did they know most of the celebrities,undergo too much trouble to get those perfect looks or even fake them.Just like you,I'm shocked about some of these celebrities.

1.Cardi B

Her actual name is Belcalis Marlenis.She is a professional songwriter, rapper,actress and tv personality.She is one celebrity that became popular through posting on Vine and IG.Apart from that,her popularity was topped up by the presence of Offset,who is her husband.

2.Kim Kardashian

Kimberly Kardashian is one of the most beautiful women in the world.She is an entrepreneur,model,tv personality,lawyer,name it.Kim is considered the most influential female in the world too and her skills are unmatched.

3.Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce is a professional record producer,songwriter,singer,dancer, filmmaker and actress.Apart from her professional work she is a mother of three and the wife to Jay Z.4.Kylie Jenner

She is the world's youngest billionaire and the CEO of the cosmeticline,Kylie.She is one celebrity who comes from the richest families in the world.5.Rita Ora.

Rita is an English songwriter,singer and actress.The 29 year old lady became so popular in the year 2012 after being featured in Dj Fresh's single,"Hot Right Now"

6.Bella Hadid

Bella is one of the most paid top models in America and the world at large.She is only at the age of 23year old with a perfect body,that many wish for.

7.Huda Kattan

Huda is an Iraqi-American beautician.She is also the CEO of the cosmetic line,Huda.8.Jordyn Woods

She is an amazing actress, entrepreneur and beautician by profession.Jordyn is also a plus size model.

9.Karla Jara

She is a youtuber and an instagram phenomenon,who has collaborated with the boutique Princess P Jewelry.10.Selina Kyjara Romney

She is a blogger and an instagram phenomenon too.Selina is indeed a mother of one.

11. Ariel Tejada

He is considered to be one of the best make-up artist in the business.Apparently,Tejada was hired to specifically do some make-up for Kim Kardashian and Kylie.He has also worked with the late Naya Rivera as the makeup artist.

12. Diana

She is a plus size model based in america.She is one model the embraces self love and confidence.13.Eudoxie Yao

She is the most curvaceous ivorian model.She is engaged to Grand P the musician.

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