"Fatima deserves it, not her": Many react after Cilla takes award for most hilarious female


 The just ended Date Rush Viewers Choice awards is circulating all over the internet and trending across most of the social media platforms. The excitement, anxiety, humour and fun of it all is going to be remembered for a long period because the hype it was given even prior to the main event was top notch and now that we have finally seen the end results, I’m sure it is going to stay on the lips of many for a very long time. 

Yes indeed majority would not consider this as fair at all as the people for which many were rooting certain awards for were sidelined and were given to others who many deem as “undeserving”. But we all know that 100% of the verdict lies in our hands and so only our votes could determine the outcome of the winners.

They accuse Cilla for going for the wrong award which was Most Hilarious Female. They are of the view that Fatima deserved such an award since she was one of the few who brought humour to the show with her talks of “I’ll future you”, “too much talk no dey full basket" and “I can go to the market and buy sorry with coins". Cilla, as many believe, did nothing to claim this title. Well, it was all dependent on votes and that should account for her claiming that title.

We were given the opportunity to vote for whom we deem fit, and the results are out. I guess we can learn something from this and vote well next time to ensure that our favourites win in some time to come when another awards platform is given. 

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