The eNCA is accused of being Racist: See this

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The eNCA, a news channel which airs on eTV and also on DSTV is in hot water with Mzansi.

This was followed by a short interview done by an eNCA reporter by the name of Lindsay Dentlinger where she was interviewing Groenewald, John Steenhuisen and Honourable Nqabayomzi Kwankwa. 

There has been a clip circulating all over Social Media where she is seen interviewing Groenewald and Steenhuisen without their face masks on and as soon as Hon Kwankwa took off his to have the interview, she requested that she puts his face mask on. 

Now of course you'd know that South Africa does not tolerate any Racist remarks, acts or attitudes for they suffered really tough times during the Apartheid era which is why many South Africans are fuming.

Many people across Social Media especially Twitter are expressing their disappointment regarding this issue of eNCA and are going as far as calling for the Boycott of this news bulletin.

What's your take on this very controversial matter? Do you think the eNCA reporter was being racist or not??

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