Check The Funny Letter A Young Lady Wrote For An Employer As She Applies For A Sales Girl.

A funny picture has been making rounds on social media.

A Nigerian lady has gone viral on social media after a picture of a letter she wrote was posted on social media.

The lady who want to apply for the post of a sales has drawn the attention of many, as the letter was so hilarious and contained so much grammar.

The application letter which was captured by Igberetv has generated so much reactions.

The young lady was trying to impress the employers by writing so many grammars in the letter.

People were surprised by what she wrote, as many describe the as a wrong move and might not get the job she was seeking.

The young lady who was only impress her was mocked as ended up writing grammatical blunders.

As an employer, would still employ this lady as your worker? Let us know what you think in the comment section.