Funny Editorial cartoons on Daily Nation newspaper- 'Ganja' President

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Gorge Wajackoya is still shocking some Kenyans on his list of manifesto. Most Kenyans are still building castles in the air on the type of country we would have under Wajackoya leadership.

In top of his list is legalization of marijuana. According to him, Bhang is a very valuable herb that can be used to generate revenue to the country. He stated that countries such as China and Canada have made it through Bhang. He wants it's exportation to be used to pay the country's debt.

The editor of the cartoon is also imagining a statehouse decorated with weed. A president reading his speech while smocking marijuana.

Wajackoya has also stated to introduce snake farming. Venom, as he urges kenyans, is a very expensive product that can be harvested from the snake, the body can be sold to the chines to prepare their delicacies.

On corruption, Wajackoya promised to hung those convicted to be guilty on corruption issues. This is in a bid to safeguard the public resources and property from the galible kenyans in the government.

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