Five People Who Mocked God And Lost Their Lives

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It does not mean that God has punished them, although if you want to see it that way, go ahead. It could also be a fluke for celebrities who once defied the Almighty in public. I assume you knew about the statement from John Lennon and J. Bruce Ismay, the creator of the Titanic, that unlike the others, did not die until many years later. Not all of these celebrities died shortly after, but let's take it as a lesson in cause and effect from their strong statements offending God.

1. Marilyn Monroe

The American icon and actress was born on June 1, 1926 and died at 36 years of age on August 5, 1962 from an overdose of sleeping pills and it is said that a week before her death, Monroe had attended a show where a pastor told her that God had sent him to preach his word to her and that she replied "I don't need Jesus." To this day, her death remains a mystery, as the crime scene always seemed very suspicious and strange.

2. John Lennon

He said, "Christianity will disappear and end, I don't have to argue about that, I'm sure" and also during an interview that said "The Beatles are more famous than Jesus Christ." Years later, the singer-songwriter was shot dead in front of the apartment building where he resided.

3. Bon Scott

The Australian singer who belonged to the band AC / DC wrote the song 'Highway to Hell' together with others, which was considered strong words. A year after the song was published in 1980, after a party, Scott was found drowning in his own vomit, as a result of alcohol, since he had a strong addiction.

4. Hugo Chavez

"I condemn the state of Israel from the bottom of my guts, cursed you are the State of Israel" were the strong words of the Venezuelan man Hugo Chavez. Later, the man died of cancer that killed him.

5. Christine Hewitt

"The bible, the word of God was the worst book ever written" were these the words of the Jamaican journalist who died years later from a car accident as she was driving at high speed and crashed into a tree.

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