Magongwa Will Pay Revenge And Paxton Will Be Punished

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At long last, Mrs Kgomo will understands that his child is a holy messenger of the dull due to the terrible things he generally does, Paxton Kgomo is certainly not a decent youngster as the was he generally imagine before his folks, he generally do the things that could land him into a difficulty, and he exploits different children at school in light of the fact that is more seasoned than them.

His folks were believing that it is a decent youngster and they were continuously safeguarding him, at school, he generally needs to rebuff educators, presently Alfred Magongwa is visually impaired as a result of him, despite the fact that he needed to rebuff head Thobakgale, no children that can come clean since they fear him.

Ultimately He will admit to his folks since her mom saw him the second he was occupied with blending synthetics for that Prank he needed to accomplish for head Thobakgale.

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