Look What Is Happening at Small Street In Joburg That left Mzansi Speechless/ See here

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Johannesburg is one of the biggest industrial and economic hub in South Africa .People travel from all around South Africa to buy things in Johannesburg. It is populary known for selling clothes .However not all things sold there are original.

Joburg is flooded with somalians and ethopians who bring counterfeit goods in South Africa.They resell them to locals for a cheap price .This is costing South Africa billions of dollars in Rands .Most of those foreigners dont even pay tax because their businesses are not registered.

The South Afica Police Service invaded the famous small street today which is famous for selling counterfeit goods .They took all the illegal goods .This is a good thing because small street is costing South Africa billions .

However the problem is that SAPS do this once after a few years .As soon as they leave it goes back to normal and become business as usual.This is something they should do every week if they want to get rid of all the counterfeit goods in South Africa.In fact there must be police officers stationed there to make sure no counterfeits enter the economy .All traders who sell there lost all their stocks during the raid .

SAPS should also invade those buildings in Joburg that are occupied by Foreigners and remove all those who are illegal and also the drug dealers that have taken over the buildings.Those are buidlings that should be owned and occupied by South Africans but instead foreigners are there .

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