"One is mine and the other is for my daughter" A woman caused a frenzy after posting these results

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A woman recently caused a stir on twitter after posting the Covid-19 results of herself and her daughter. As most people are aware that we are currently living under a pandemic. Hence we have been arged to take the necessary precautions. However sometimes no matter how careful you are, it is not enough to avoid getting the virus.

With that being said the results came out different. One was positive for covid-19, while the other was negative. Even though they live together, their results were not the same. The woman mentioned that the negative results were for her daughter.

This was something that most people didn't expect especially given that they live in the same household. And covid-19 can easily spread, hence the wearing of masks and sanitizing in public. However some people were saying it is better because the daughter is negative. Others left encouraging comments under her tweet. See more of people's reactions down below;

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