The following is a prayer to God to bless you as you go out and return this day.

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I agree that life has a spiritual aspect to it. This implies that everything that happens in the physical realm has already been approved in the spiritual realm. The manifestation of our perception is the result of a spiritually orchestrated orchestration. As a result, because God is the ultimate director of what happens in the spiritual realm, your departure and arrival are entirely in His hands. The most important thing we can do now is pledge our lives to Him so that He can bless us and everything we do. As the Psalmist recognized, going out and returning is not something that happens every day. As a result, the following Psalm 121:7-8-based petition is worthwhile to pray: [7]The Lord will keep you safe and save your life. [8]From now on and forever, the Lord will keep your going out and coming in. 

Almighty Father, we adore and worship you. Thank you for bringing us to this point in history, for favoring us and bestowing the gift of life upon us. Your dedication to us astounds us. Thank you very much for keeping me safe throughout the night. Thank you for the food you've provided up to this point. Your dependability is something on which we can rely. 

We pray, Father, that you will keep us safe from all forms of evil as we travel through this week. By guiding and protecting us, you can keep us safe from the enemy's burning arrows. We declare that you will set a higher standard than the enemy, ensuring that no harm comes to us. No weapon designed to harm me or my family will be successful (Isaiah 54:17). And, as your word says in Psalm 121:7, you will keep us safe from harm. 

As we go about our week's activities, we ask that you take charge of everything. Take control of our words, our movements, our thoughts, and our actions. We beseech you to keep us from making mistakes. We put our trust in you regardless of how we get from one place to another. We will not be victims of accidents or other forms of attack. Thank you, Lord, for promising to keep us safe from our enemies, which you will do. Accept all accolades and devotion. In Jesus' name, we pray, Amen.

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