Stivo Simple Boy's Ex-girlfriend Purity Vishy Shares Photo Of Her Before Fame And Money

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Pritty Vishy alias Purity Vishenwa has elicited reactions among Kenyans online after sharing a throwback photo of her while young. The controversial wannabe socialite has recently been making headlines on the social platforms, in an attempt to reveal herself to fans. Vishy who came into limelight following her controversial relationship with Kenyan musician Stivo Simple Boy has since maintained contact with her fans, issuing regular updates on the progress in her life.

This comes days after she claimed about her soft life with a sugar daddy. Vishy broke up with Stivo Simple Boy few months ago, however, the vocal female celebrity has always been reluctant to reveal the main reason that led to their breakup.

Kenyans online have been fast to respond to her throwback photo, the photo shows Vishy wearing a white cloak and a vail on her head, besides her stands a woman suggestedly her mother. However, as compared to her recent photos, it is evident that Vishy has grown in stature and glowing as compared to her previous outlook while still a little girl.

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