How The European Super League Could Make Chelsea Loose Against Real Madrid (Opinion)


Chelsea will face off with Spanish Giant Real Madrid in the Uefa Champions League.

Some days back,it looked like the match isn't going to go on because European Super League crises.

The late decisions of these top clubs will surely help fans focus on what is ahead. However, truth be told, the Controversies will have a psychological impact on the players.

For instance,Chelsea struggled to play thwir kind of Football against Brighton. To be Frank,the blues were just lucky to get a point off Brighton.

Chelsea fans before now gathered outside Stamford bridge Stadium just to protest and they also stopped the team bus from entering. Compare to Madrid,who were a little relax. We saw little or no protest from their supporters.

Going to a match with someone whose President was the protagonist of the whole show will psychologically not give these players that head to head advantage.

Madrid will be more relax and balance than Chelsea which could see the Blues loosing out on a chance to qualify to the final of the UEFA Champions League.