“I was blessed with backside” - Hajia Bintu affirmed


Gorgeous Ghanaian model and social media influencer, Naomi Asia popularly known as 'Hajia Bintu' took to her Instagram page some hours ago to flaunt her new lovely photos for her followers to see and make good remarks about the photos.

The beautiful dark-skinned lady thrilled her fans and followers with the new photos after the pictures were shared on the internet as they love the way she gorgeously positioned herself in front of the camera while taking the photos.

In a recent interview on 2TV, Hajia Bintu declares that, she is blessed with curvy shape and backside. She made a statement that, “My shape and figures are real from nature so, I was blessed with it” she said.

After the interview many of her fans shared the interview across Ghana telling people who are criticizing the the shape of Hajia Bintu as artificial.

In the new pictures, the beauty queen was spotted rocking a fashionable cropped top with matching fitted trousers which put her nice body shape on display. She looks very stunning in the photos as she puts a big smile on her face and displays lovely postures.

Let’s checkout the following pictures;

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