Achilles: The Warrior who never lost a battle

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One of the greatest of the Greek mythological heroes if not the greatest, Achilles father was king peleus while is mother was Thetis.

Thetis was so concerned about her son mortality. She did everything she could to make him immortal, she dunk him into river of Styx, whose water we're said to confer invulnerability of the gods. As she dipped him into the river, she held him by his foot making it the only part of his body not touching the water and his weak point also.

When he was 9 a seer predicted that he will die heroically in a battle against the Trojans. When his mother heard about this,she sent him to live Aegean island of Skyros, Achilles later left Skyros and joined Greek army,. In order to save her son Thetis asked a divine blacksmith to make a sword and shield that will keep save.

Achilles is a great hero, who has superhuman strength, courage and was supremely handsome. In addition to these qualities he was also vengeful, quick to anger but was also deeply loyal to friends and families.

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