Raila Odinga Reacts After Offshore Account Expose

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Raila Odinga, the leader of the ODM, now says that having an offshore account is acceptable as long as parties can explain how they opened such accounts. 

Raila said in an interview with Chamgei FM that while he does not have any foreign accounts, it is fine for Kenyans who do provided they can account for the money in the accounts. 

Simultaneously, the ODM pioneer said spotlight ought not be on the records yet on how the cash in the record was gained. 

"Hii ni mambo ya Pandoras box. Sioni kama kuna shida kuwa na account kule nje bora unaweza kusema jinsi ulifungua account.uhuru amesema atasema zaidi atakapo rudi," Raila said on Wednesday. "Mimi sina chochote huko nje, yangu iko Kenya" 

The ODM pioneer was saying something regarding the as of late spilled stash of reports named the 'Pandora papers' that asserted President Kenyatta and six individuals from his family furtively possessed an organization of seaward organizations. 

One such organization is an establishment considered Varies that was set up in 2003 with Mama Ngina Kenyatta and President Kenyatta as the first and second supporters individually. 

Another, Milrun International Limited, was set up significantly sooner in 1999 by Mama Ngina and her girls, Kristina and Anna, in the British Virgin Islands.

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