More Bad News Expected For South Africa In June

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It is getting increasingly difficult to live in the Republic of South Africa due to the rising cost of living and the lack of available jobs.

Since there are no employment, many millions of college-educated youth are currently at home doing nothing. However, this does not appear to deter the government from raising food and other commodity prices.

Along with other items, the price of cooking oil has doubled during the past year. Every month, the price of gasoline rises by more than R1, not a few cents.

Now, motorists are advised to anticipate a significant increase in petrol prices in June 2022. A few weeks ago, there was another significant increase in the cost of fuel, prompting taxi companies to modify their rates.

Given that South Africans are already struggling to make ends meet, the impending increase in fuel prices would impose a tremendous strain on them.

Additionally, analysts have cautioned that there is nothing the government can do to cushion society further, as the increase is likely to be driven by circumstances beyond its control.

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