Will you be vaccinated just to get a R200 grocery voucher?

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We are seeing that around the world countries are now starting to live normally again as we have seen that some are even planning on removing the lockdown because they believe that the virus no longer poses a much bigger threat to the people. We have seen with the Omicron variant that it was not as dangerous as many might have thought it would be. It was just like the flu. We saw that even not many people died during the fourth wave of the pandemic.

The government is still trying to convince people to get vaccinated and they are offering to give those who vaccinate R200 grocery vouchers. The government started with R100 and now they have increased it. This is as the people are calling for the lockdown to be ended and even the state of disaster to be ended but it does not look like that is not about to happen anytime soon, as the department of health is already predicting that we might have the fifth wave around mid-year.

One can only wonder how much groceries one can buy with R200 in these trying times that we are living under.

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