Waiguru Finally Opens Up On What Led To Her Defection To UDA

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For the first time, Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has revealed the events that led to her defection to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

Waiguru said she is happier and more free to express her opinions now than when she was in the ruling Jubilee Party, in a candid interview on Spice FM on Tuesday morning, January 25.

The county chief stated, "I feel very free now and much happier where I am."

Waiguru explained that her newfound freedom stems from the fact that the UDA "has no political infighting" and its members are united.

She claimed that it was difficult to agree on even basic issues like the direction of the Building Bridges Initiative during her time in Jubilee (BBI).

"At the moment, we [in UDA] are not in government; we are in opposition." We were in power at the time, and different people were pulling in different directions."

She recalled being frustrated while at Jubilee, unable to bring up issues that she felt were not progressing in the right direction.

In comparison to her time as Devolution Cabinet Secretary, the governor, who is seeking re-election on August 9, says she is now a more confident politician.

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