Stance over President Kenyatta succession in the coming elections


Retired CJ challenges the parliament on impeachment of President kenyatta as the only way to bring order to the nation.

These comes after the president rejection to approve 6 judges of the 40 selected by JSC with no clear reasons for the rejection of the names.

Speaking this afternoon with KTN news Maraga has told the parliament to impeach president kenyatta to restore the peace of the country. The president has lately disrupted judicial independence by not respecting their rulling .

Newly elected chief justice Martha koome has written a latter to the president the content of the later being that the president to respect judiciary.

Maraga went down in history 2017 after nullifying presidential elections this was followed by bitter speeches from the president publicly the president expressed his lack of trust to the judiciary .

The hungry netizens have also expressed their views following the presidential overpowering the judiciary and they have called upon president to respect judiciary as its an independent body from the office of the president.