Police Officers In Kisumu Accused Of Inconveniencing Road Users By Collecting Tax On The Road.

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Police officers are an important part of our communities. This is because they help to maintain security by ensuring law and order and by arresting those who are involved in illegal activities.

When it comes to ensuring that mist people reach their destination safely, traffic police officers are quite important. This is because they ensure that drivers stick to the required road rules and do not cause any inconvenience.

Despite this, a number of kenyan traffic police do not always find themselves on the good side of the law. This is because they have a habit of illegally taxing motorists without any official documentation.

A social media user in Kisumu has taken to complain after two traffic police officers decided to inconvenience other road users by collecting tax on on road. According to a reliable source, two female police officers in Kisumu decided to check for the validity of insurance stickers for cars at the roundabout before the Old airport road in Kisumu. They then decided to collect tax from public service vehicles hence inconveniencing the private motorists who were using the road.

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