Skeem saam Manthuli extends an olive branch to Meikie will they mend they friendship

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Manthuli extends an olive branch to Meikie

The Seakamelas find out that pretty was never in Mpumalanga nor did she have a job to do in Mpumalanga and that leaves Manthuli angry and hurt that Pretty lied to her.

Pretty's love for Lehasa leaves her homeless and Manthuli's anger, pain and pride don't allow her to forgive her. She throws out all Pretty's belongings.

Meike lends help unexpectedly and her relationship with Manthuli is faced with a curvy road ahead.

Kwaito reaches out to social workers on behalf of his mother and Manthuli is not thrilled to find out who her counselor is.

After a long time of trying Mrs. Kgomo manages to get Manthuli to talk the session s leave her hot underwater. Mrs. Kgomo gives her a task to take responsibility for her actions.

Her conscience catches with her but Manthuli struggles with reaching out to Meike to extend an olive branch.

Source "Skeem Saam Teasers - July 2022 | Skeem Saam Teasers | TVSA"

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