There will be no paragliding in Kwahu during this Easter festivities - GTA


As part of the measures to control and contain the coronavirus pandemic, the Ghana Tourism Authority disclosed that there won't be any festival activities in Kwahu this year.

In an interview with Joy News, the public relations officer of the Ghana Tourism Authority said, as part of the government's directives to ensure social distancing and hygiene protocols, the paragliding activities which involves body contacts will not take place during the Easter festivities.

He said that, there will be no social gathering in any form since security personnels will be dispatch to control the entire community of Kwahu during the Easter festivities.

"All residents both home and abroad must take note of this important announcement." He warned.

The President in his 23rd address to the nation announced that, all public gatherings as well funerals, beaches, night clubs, sporting activities etc are ban until further notice.

Let's stay safe and avoid the spread of covid-19. Together we can overcome it. "This too shall pass, for the battle is the Lord's."


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