Hilarious Reactions From Kenyans After Nadia Shared This Picture Lamenting


Nadia is a fast rising female musician here in Kenya and also known to be one Kenyan artist that has done so much in the Kenyan music industry by uplifting it to where it is today through her hard work. She is also a talented songwriter and singer who is well known for producing hit after hit.

Source Instagram

Nadia took to her Instagram to post a picture of herself which has raised a number of reactions online.The Picture was originally Nadia's but the face was changed. Kenyans are known to make fun of almost everything. Kenyans couldn't help but spot the face as of Mammito while some said that it belonged to that of Ringtone Apoko. Well the truth is that it resembles both.

Source Instagram

Nadia wrote to her caption saying, " I thought you guys loved me, I thought I am always Kenya's Kasweetheart, Ufala gani hii." Her caption was clear that she wasn't happy with the arrangement and Kenyans couldn't help but react to it. Here are some of the hilarious comments.

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