5 Signs That Your Relationship Will Not Last Longer


1.Your partner is happier when you’re not around.

When they are around you they are always dull and depressed but around others they seem to be happy .This is a sign that there is a problem with you or with your relationship and it will not not last longer if you don't sort out the problem.

2. Your partner always picks fights with you.

When the most simple things turn into an argument, chances are one or both of you is looking for a way to walk out of the relationship. Arguing all the time, and over every little thing, is a sign that there is a problem. If the relationship is like a battle field, you should be aware that it might be coming to an end.

3. Your partner's social media habits change.

This happens according to what your partner used to post and what the are posting currently.If posts of the two of you seem to increase, it can be an indication that your partner is looking for encouragement from friends and family to stay in the relationship. However, if posts and status updates change, and your partner appears to look as though he or she might be signaling to the world they’re available, you need to move on.

4. Your partner's friends are avoiding you

If their friends suddenly turn cold and starts distancing themselves away from you then this may be a hint that they have been talking about you and the breakup issues.This is a clear sign that the relationship is ending soon.

5.Your partner doesn’t include you in future plans.If you’re in a relationship and your partner does not include you in any of the plans just know that you have place in their future.This is because they know that the relationship won't last longer for you to be included in the plans.


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