5 Habits Parents Should Stop Using To Train Their Children

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Children are a gift from God and a blessing to parents. The well being and conduct of a child is greatly determined by the parents. Parents are the first mentors, role models and friends of the children. However, parents play the greatest role in the upbringing of a child. The success and failure of a child is greatly determined by the parents. In a nutshell, the habit parents use in training their children either in words or actions is a great determinant of the success or failure of the child.

Many people have chosen the wrong path of life in their formative years due to wrong habits their parents used during their upbringing. This content is an exposition to 5 habits parents should stop using to train their children.

Number one on the list is the habit of using abusive or negative words on children. The words parents use on children have so much effect in the life of the children. Parents ought to stop using any form of negative words on children inorder to stifle jeopardizing the future of the children.

Number two on the list is the habit of comparing the children to others. No matter the poor performance of a child in any facet of life, never compare the child to others or never use other children as a model to the child. This builds a low esteem in the child and also kills the gusto in the child to do better. Instead of comparing the child to others, encourage and motivate the child to do better and the child will definitely make efforts to follow the standards you've set for him.

Thirdly, it is advisable for parents to stop the habit of over-pampering their children. Many children that grow up to be lazy and corrupt are as a result of over-pampering from their parents. The importance of discipline cannot be overemphasized in the upbringing of a child. It is normal for parents to pamper and show parental care for their children, but when it gets to the level of over-pampering and discipline becomes lacking, the future of such children is at risk.

The fourth habit parents ought to stop using to train their children is the habit of displaying excessive harshness and extreme levels of discipline on the children. It is good to discipline children when they are going towards the wrong path of life or when they do wrong. But when it becomes stupendous and unnecessary, the child is sure to mistake the discipline for hatred. At this point, it could be very dangerous for both the child and parents because the child could realign his dependence on friends and outsiders that could mislead the child in absence of the knowledge of the parents. In a nutshell, discipline ought to be done with love inorder to get the best version of the child and allow the child assert his personality as a human.

Finally, parents should stop the habit of allowing the children to stay at home on Sunday morning when they ought to be in fellowship with other children. The church is also a place of discipline aside home and school. The knowledge the child gets from the church in terms of Bible knowledge and spiritual growth will make it easier for the child to grow in other areas of life.

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