Teachers Escape Death After Form One Student Spiked Their Tea With Viagra, Put On Medical Arrest

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A form one student at Murumbe High School spiked her teacher's tea on Thursday leading to whole of them being forced to undergo forced medical attention.

Sources indicate that the form one, Jenifer Ndwiga, added viagra in the teacher's tea after she had been punished.

Unfortunately, several teachers took the tea which affected them leading to the school administration to seek medical attention.

"Murumbe High School teachers in Embu County were put on medical arrest after Jenifer Ndwiga a Form 1 Student added viagra to the staffroom tea in revenge for being punished on Thursday afternoon by a teacher," wrote Billy Miya.

It still remains a mystery where the student got the viagra she used to spike the teacher's tea.

Investigations have since been launched into this case and all those concerned punished.

Teacher's affected where treated to clear the viagra from their bodies.

Viagra is known as a hard drug that causes even death when misused.

Some people have been reported dead after consuming viagra

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