Ledama Assures Kenyans Who Might Be the Fifth President

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They Narok Senator, Ledama Olekina has assures kenyans who will succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta after 2022 general elections.

On his Twitter account, Senetor Ledama Olekina has affirms that the Orange Democratic Movement party leader and former prime minister, Raila Odinga will be the fifth president of Kenya.

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"What we witnessed yesterday in Narok county is true affirmations that @RailaOdinga is a darling of the Maa Nation and he will be the 5th President of Kenya. No doubt!" His statement reads.

His statement comes one day after Deputy president William Ruto toured in his county, Narok. Deputy President William Ruto's tour in Senator Ledama Olekina's backyard faced a challenge after he (Ruto) was heckled by a group of Narok residents.

Here is the video, click the link below to watch what happened to DP Ruto while in Narok.


His prediction comes in amid when the country has less than nine months to next general elections.

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