Bobrisky Shows Off His Short Gown, Calls Himself "Baby Girl" (Photos)

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Short gown is one of the fashionable outfits many ladies like rocking to occasions these days. It comes in different cuts and textures that will make it different from what you last saw of it. Every year, we witness many styles and designs of short gowns that will look good on us.

Short gowns are indeed one of the fashionable outfits embraced by virtually all our present day celebrities. Just like Bobrisky is giving us his latest style of short gown today. Bobrisky is a man but loves to wear women's outfits in the name of being a Cross dresser. Funny right? He has been seen in varieties of female outfits that would make you doubt if he is actually a man. Truly, he has the shape and colour that would befit any cloth he puts on. I won't be mistaken if I call him a fashion freak celebrity. Because he is actually giving us that fashion vibes we need.

Short Gowns are making their ways into many ladies wardrobes these days. These beautiful gowns have come to make us look gorgeous and simple. You might want to see how Bobrisky is looking in his short gown today. Take a look at him below and tell us what you think of his outfit today.

Is he looking nice in females' outfits or would he look better in men's outfits?

Photo credit: Instagram

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