A calm python that joins mourners and leaves them in shock


Their are things even science cannot explain one of them is the news of a 10 feet python that slithered to the grave of the late William Ewoi a renown snake tracker in Baringo. This might sound crazy but in the developing story, the snake did the unthinkable after it went directly to its grave and later to the house of the late silently as the onlookers witnessed in disbelief.

It is said by the residents that the late was committed to snake by harvesting poisonous venom from them. The most shocking part of it is that Ewoi had predicted that the event would happen after his death. His family looked unmoved by the happening and they said that it was a blessing for them. The son of the late, Vincent Ewoi told the media of how his father loved snakes and it was his only job that brought food to the table for them.

The wife of the late is said to be treating snake bites for the community as away of hustle and this will tell you why the snakes are part of them. The widow told media that two of his sons had also been lovers of snake and they took the steps of their father in caring and making snakes intermingle with humans through removing poison from them.

The thing that one will mostly be thinking now is how could this possibly happen and we just take it as normal, perhaps could it be somehow connected with witchcraft?

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