Rogue Killer Police Officer Caroline Kangogo Lists Her Conditions As Her Days In Hiding Are Numbered


There is no place to hide for fugitives who are running away from being arrested and brought forward to the law as the Government usually nabs them quickly.

Rogue female police officer Caroline Kangogo has been on the run for more than a week after she committed her heinous acts.

Her being on the run is claimed to be aided by some senior and junior rogue police officers who might not want her to surrender because of the secrets she might be knowing.

According to news podcast, it seems like Caroline Kangogo is getting tired of staying in hiding as she has sent out her communication.

The reports claim that Kangogo has set her conditions which she wants to be fulfilled if she decided to surrender to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

Caroline Kangog has demanded she should not be detained to any police station as she seriously fears for her life and wellbeing if she turns herself in.

The DCI have to consider her request so as they can get the whole story from her side which is also being eagerly waited by Kenyans who have been following her story.

Caroline Kangogo was involved in the murders of John Ongweno and Peter Ndwiga who she had met a fortnight before their executions.

This is one of the challenges the judiciary system is set to face as Caroline Kangogo deserves state security to expose all the rogue activities in the service.

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