Idols SA dumps Unathi and Randall as Judges.

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It is alleged that Unathi and Randall's contracts may not be renewed for the next upcoming season. It is alleged that the show, Idols South Africa wants to take a fresh, new approach to keep the show interesting and competitive.

For me I think that Randall should be been kept or stayed on the show, as he gave a different, fresh approach to the judging. I think his opinion was honest and brutal which pushes you to do better.

You know what they say " The show must go on". Regardless of the changes, they must continue with the show and do what's best for the show, brand. The creators and Directors know what's best for the show and it's future.

What do you think of these new changes that they want to implement? Will they increase viewership and interest in the competition? Will wait and see, perhaps it will yield positive results.

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