Singer Ssaru Reveals That She Has A Huge Crush On This Fellow Kenyan Musician

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Kenyan singer Sylvia Saru famously known by her stage name Ssaru Wa Manyaru has recently disclosed that she has a big crush on fellow musician Jacob Obunga alias Otile Brown.

Photo: Ssaru

Photo: Otile Brown

This was in an interview that she had few hours ago with comedian-cum-radio presenter Oga Obinna on his YouTube channel.

The sassy singer however made it clear that even though she drools over the 'Baby Love' hit maker, she can't leave her current boyfriend in order to date him because a crush is just a short-lived feeling.

Her disclosure comes as no surprise because apart from being famous for his melodious voice, Otile Brown is also known for his cute looks and arguably any other girl would just fall for him.

Here are more of his photos.

Ssaru and Otile Brown are also undoubtedly among the top artistes in the country, and also among the most sought after.

This is because they have wowed many in the past years by releasing hit songs after hit songs.

The sassy 19-year-old rapper has released or been featured in songs like 'Bei Imepanda', 'PU PU PU', 'Sipangwingwi', 'Hapa' and 'Zitoke' among others.

Meanwhile Otile Brown is famous for songs like 'Dusuma', 'Watoto Na Pombe', 'Regina', 'Jamila', 'Aiyana' and 'This Kind of Love' among others.

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