Popular African President Who Allegedly shared The Same Wife With France's President Valery Giscard


In January 1 1966 President Jean Bokassa took power from a repressive cousin, Dacko. He was made Emperor by his covetousness for power in 1977. In France, he ordered $30 million in crowns!

At the same time he was declared president, emperor, first minister and head of the army.

President Bokassa is alleged to have been eating school kids' corpses in a demonstration against his army dominance. He has never demonstrated these accusations of cannibalism. During the uprising, several students were beheaded.

Bokassa enjoyed between his brutal leadership an annual hunting trip to the Central African Republic with the then French President Valery Giiscard d'Estaing where he was hosted in Luxury.

Later Mr. Valery came to haunt him with close ties. By the help of France's 700 Army, Bokassa was overthrown when he was travelling to Libya by his cousin Dacko. While Bokassa had changed his name and religion into Islamic one, Gadaffi refused to help him.

When France engineered the overthrow of the emperor, Mr. Bokassa revealed that he often gave Valery Diamond. Mr. Bokassa also maintained that Giscard had maintained a relationship with Emperor's Chief Wife, princess Catherine of Beauty ( she was famous for her beauty.) Such gorgeous queens Bokassa's had 17 more.

When he was a fugitive in France Bokassa revealed that. In the 1981 presidential election of Mitterrand, Bokassa's confession is believed to lead to the defeat of President Valery.

Bokassa voluntarily returned home to the trial and was accused of massacre. He was given a " akalia Kama mtoto" death penalty and a life sentence. Later, he was released with forgiveness from the presidency.

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