How Women Are Degraded In The Swaziland Society


There is a certain ceremony of young maidens that happens in eSwatini (Swaziland).

It's called umhlanga. It is a tradition that takes place in eSwatini. Many young unmarried women go to Swaziland and participate in this ceremony. It is like a national holiday there. Swaziland is a landlocked country in Southern Africa currently ruled by Mswati III.

King Mswati had an interest in a certain young woman who ran away from him. Her name is Delisa Magwaza, she was only thirteen when Mswati III had an interest in her. She's not the only one, Tintswalo Ngobeni and Putsoana Hwala are among the few women who ran away.

Despite of Mswati having 33 wives, his nasty appetite for women just won't stop. Polygamy is still wildly practiced in Africa. As a result of this, these young women end up being refugees in some foreign lands.

The lives of young women Mswati has destroyed are too many. Some of them dropped out of school just to get married to him. To make it worse, his poor leadership and lavish lifestyle led his subjects to abject poverty. People sleep hungry on a daily basis in Swaziland.

Girls and women in Swaziland are treated as mere sex objects. Girl-child education in Swaziland is of little or no value. They all get betrothed in early age.

What kind of leadership is this? I am not happy with Mswati, his bad leadership is leading the country to the gutters. Women are like cactus/flowers in the middle of a desert, their education is of more importance than men!