Nigeria needs only 1 senator and 3 representatives per state - Okorocha

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The former Imo state governor voiced out his ideas about the need for the reduction in Nigeria legislature.

Nigeria National Assembly is a bicameral legislature which entails of Federal senates and representatives with 109 and 360 members respectively.

Senator Rochas Okorocha said this at a media parley with FCT chapter of the Nigerian Union of Journalist(NUJ) on Monday.

The Former governor also made it known in his speech that each Nigeria senator is entitled to a paycheck of #2 million every month which exclude housing allowance of #3 million and other allowances which amounts to #11 million.

Those funds will have aid in Nigeria productivity sector of our economy to produce what we will export or helps in other aspect", the senator said.

Senator Rochas Okorocha also made it known that We are too many and inquired that what is it that three senators can do that one senator cannot do.

Okorocha stressed it out that if Nigeria could reduces her number of senator and representatives just like the Italian government reducing theirs by 60 percent it will ease the economic crisis facing the country.

"You know Nigeria will keep on acting the old way and if you but if you keep doing this .you will still end up getting old result" he added in his speech.

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