#Teenage_Pregnancy: "Does she know how biology works?" Viewers ask Smanga's cousin after saying this

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#Teenage_Pregnancy: "Does she know how biology works?" Viewers ask Smanga's cousin after saying this

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There's nothing cute about ignorant and being arrogant about it. When you don't know something, it's better to do research instead of going off in public and spewing statements that expose your lack of knowledge and make you look stupid.

Nomathemba is Smanga's cousin. Smanga is Zanele's baby daddy and he features in Teenage Pregnancy, a show documenting the journey of teenagers who are juggling motherhood, school and life in general.

Smanga did not deny the paternity of Zanele's baby but some of his family members were insistent on getting a DNA test to prove that the baby is theirs. On last night's episode of the reality show, Smanga, his aunt and cousin went to her family house to gift the baby with clothes and see her.

The cousin was very sour, you could see that she's burning to say something negative. It was not long before she mentioned the DNA test and that it was still going to be pursued. This was in contradiction to the aunt who saw a spitting image of her sister in the baby and also the fact that the baby had 12 fingers, something genetic in Smanga's family.

As if alleging that the baby does not belong to Smanga was not enough, Nomathemba explained how she got to the conclusion and it became clear that she has no idea of what she is talking about. She said he could have contributed to the eyes and ears but not the entire baby. How? she was even proud of herself when she went off exposing herself.

Viewers didn't let her rest. They interrogated if she finished matric or even know how biology works. I didn't even do biology but before saying something off and embarrassing myself, I do a simple google search. She should have done the same.

Thoughts? Thank you for reading.

Source: Teenage Pregnancy on Dstv channel 157

Source: https://twitter.com/Karabo_Mokgoko/status/1501281190325600257?t=lge3CDS1ZTcIPgJ0OkKTGg&s=19

March 09, 2022.

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