S/R: After John Mahama Received His Covid-19 Vaccination See How His Constituents Reacted.


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On Sunday 28th of February, 2021 the president of the republic of Ghana commented on the covid-19 vaccination during his 24th nation's address.

Most residents in Bole Savannah region didn't take it smoothly as they publicly rejects the idea of immunization against the covid-19 disease since they believe the vaccine is not authentic hence their stance on rejecting the immunization.

Nkilgi FM a radio station based in Bole made inquiries about the public rejection of the vaccine by the people of Bole and this is what the residents has to say concerning the covid-19 vaccine.

Mrs Amina, a resident said she was hoping to hear that, researchers from Africa have discovered the covid-19 vaccine since she doesn't believe in what the whites will produce as vaccines.

Mr Moses another Bole resident said, that he will be convinced if only those in higher authority got vaccinated and nothing happens then he will also get immunized.

Mr Aminu, a student from the Bole-Bamboi district, expressed the fear about the vaccine being contaminated with corona virus and hence, would rather infect more people.

Mr Mohammed Abdullah, a resident and a Fashion designer, advocated that government should equip health facilities with resources and logistics to undertake COVID-19 mass testing in order to ascertain the status of each citizen in the country.

This, he noted, would enable the frontline health workers to identify and prioritize those who need the vaccine most and to start with the vaccination.

So after this announcement by the president of the republic of Ghana, among the first batch of personalities in the country who got vaccinated is former president John Dramani Mahama of the NDC.

This now convinced and made people of Bole to believe in the vaccine and about a good number of people who rejected the immunization are now willing to be immunized.

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