18-year-old teenager accused of murdering his girlfriend has bail hearing postponed

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Takalani who is accused of murdering his girlfriend Tshinakaho bail hearing was postponed because the magistrates who suppose to hand in the judgement on the matter was not present. It was reported that he rushed to attend the other urgent bail hearing, it was postponed on Tuesday at thohoyandou high court . The bail hearing said to resume Wednesday.

Takalani is convicted because it is suspect in the murdering of his love Tshinakaho munyai, it is reported that on the day that Tshinakaho got killed the two met at a particular resort. The couple then started to argue because their relationship was no longer in good term ,it was then Takalani cut Tshinakaho life short by stabbing her to death.

The body of Tshinakaho was discovered by the passing by Community members abdone in the bushes. It was when Takalani give police false statements that he and his girlfriend was just been attacked by unknown knife men. Then he ran away and the man dragged Tshinakaho into bushes and stabe her to death.

The deceased family told the reporter that they don't want him granted bail because he is a liar he first lied to the police. They further say by granting him bail will open their wounds as they hurt by the lost .

in conclusion

South Africa have a serious problem in terms of handling relationship matters, each time lovebirds kills or injured each other. If you in relationship and it turns sour or the other partner is nolonger interested don't force just go pursue love somewhere else. South Africa have about 50 million people how can you just kills if nolonger loved.

The only thing our elders and youth must do is to have a disappointment room in our life , to know that one day I may loose the one I love in many different ways either he or she dies or just dirvoce.

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