Mixed Reactions As This Composition Of Grade 3 Pupil Surfaces

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Kenyans have been left reacting after a composition that was written by a grade 3 Pupil surfaced.

Nina Nganga shared the composition of her daughter on Facebook. She captioned her post ' My grade 3 daughter was asked to write a composition about her father. After she wrote it down she said "Ngaaai, only 2 paragraphs?' Told her that's all about her dad when she started crying.'

Screenshot of Nina Nganga's post on Facebook with photo of the composition

Kenyans have reacted to this composition some claiming that teachers should avoid such topics that are sensitive. This is because some children are not privileged to have both parents. Others may never have seen their parents since they were born.

However, some claimed that the mother should have given a description of how the father looked like in terms of size, height and character. This could have helped the girl during the healing process.

Other teachers also shared the responses they get from pupils when asking them about their fathers or mothers.

Screenshots of comments

What is your view concerning this story? Should teachers avoid topics that need information concerning someone's mother or father? If you were the teacher who received the girl's composition, what would you have done? Feel free to drop your opinion.

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