'Please Help us Save Our Son's life' a Young Couple Cries Out For Help From Kenyans


Shawn have been having a tough journey since the year 2018. He have been battling cancer of the liver (hepatoblastoma).

After 16 sessions of chemotherapy and an year at Kenyatta National Hospital he felt better. His family remained united in prayers and never gave up on their boy.

The little boy felt better and was discharged. He was so excited and even went back to school. Unfortunately, his happiness was short lived since he didn't last long in school.

The young boy fell ill again after two months pregnant and after consolation with the doctors, his parents found out that the cancer had spread to the lungs. His breathing have became a problem that needs urgent intervention.

Little Shawn can not do anything for himself while his body is becoming weak day by day.

After much consultation, his guardian learnt that he can get treatment in India. They really trust and believe that he will be okay.

His lovely aunt have never rested trying to raise money for Shawn to travel to Indian.

Faith Nganga have been posting Shawn’s journey on her Facebook page pleading with the members of public to help their family raise Sh. 2 million.

We pray and believe that the handsome boy will get well son.

May the Almighty God heal him.


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