Breaking news jubjub is suspended

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After the bodcast that was aired thìs week the wa jola 99 excuse themselves from it and this lead to the suspension of the presenter of wa jola nine nine .

This is after some woman claimed that jub jub had abused them sexual including some of his ex love. Those who claim jub jub rape them include the tv soap act Amanda du_ point who plays lelo on skeem same.

The podcast really hammered jub jub big time because now he is jobless due to the allegations that he raped or physically abused the famele collegues he work with.

The ladies who complained about jub jub include big names like the media personalities and government spokesperson masechaba khumalo , and the former moja love employees Refilwe khumallo . And the song write Bonokuhle Nkala all those women claim that jub jub had abused them sexual.

Amanda du_point say she was also raped many times by jub jub


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