N-Power finally addresses BVN names issues


As stated earlier before by the management of the scheme, the site came on live at around the early hours of the day.

Applicants who are interested have began registration and while some have been successful with theirs, others are still facing issues with their registration processes. One of the issues surrounding the platform according to observations and complaints seen on social media outlets is the effect of BVN. Applicants are observed to be facing issues with regards to its validation or attributes.

NPower stated prior to the opening of the site that one of the major criterias for registration is a valid BVN. However, it can be observed that applicants who are married women cannot proceed with their registration effectively due to change of surnames. Other applicants have issues with regards to middle name or last name which conflicts with their credentials.

NPower management have however reacted to these in a tweet stating that applicants who have issues with BVN names can rush to the bank as soon as possible to make changes before coming back to proceed with their registration while the time lasts. It appears the management has no plans of accommodating applicants with defective BVNs. See tweet below.

However, for those who are having regarding BVN validation, the management also reacted to it on their tweeter handle that the scheme is working hard to resolve the issue from their own validation end.

NPower has also stated that applicants who submitted their application successfully but did not get a confirmation email should not re-register, that with patience a confirmation email will be sent. See below

Good luck and hope this addresses your issues.

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