Shortage of Astrazeneca Vaccine Looming in Kenya


Coronavirus has claimed lots of lives and crashed so many economies. As kenya faces it's third wave of the virus, it is as well between a rock and a hard place as the Astrazeneca vaccine which they get from India might stop or reduce in number.

India has been the distributor of Astrazeneca vaccine to Kenya and as it stands report has it that India is also facing a third wave of the virus, a wave that has proven to be deadly. India as a country will therefore be forced to secure more jabs for its citizens therefore reducing their distribution to Kenya.

Kenya which had increased its daily doses from 30,000 daily to 40,000 daily will have to have other alternatives or else risk a shortage of the vaccine in the country. So far frontline workers such as doctors and teachers have been innnoculated. However kenya risks losing some patients who haven't been innnoculated most especially the people aged 58 and above.

Currently some major counties in Kenya as under lockdown in order to curb the spread of the virus which is in its third wave of infection.