Tweet| "Kwesta is cheating on his wife Yolanda with Nthabiseng when he gigs around Mbombela."

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A video has been leaked showing Kwesta partying with a woman. Many people would think that it was her wife Yolanda, but if you take a closer look, it is not. According to sources, the woman in the video goes by name Nthabiseng and she is Kwesta's side chick.

People are having mixed emotions to this because they never expected it from someone "as sweet as Kwesta." The fact that he was aware his side chick was taking the video shows that he was not worried about the secret coming out.

Kwesta’s Wife, Here Is What We Know

People had a lot to say about this:

1."Most women are interested in married guys, women are interested in guys they know will take care of them, so when they see those guys showing love and pampering their women. They know this 1 is also going to treat me well, they always have doubts with the single 1 like why is he single."


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